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    I had bilateral knee replacement surgery in 2014. After completing my physical therapy with excellent range of motion I was unable to stand and was in tremendous pain. My doctor wasn't sure why I couldn't walk so he referred me to an orthopedic who specializes in revisions. This doctor determined that both of my implants had become loose so he did a revision of my right knee. After completing my physical therapy I was still in pain and was having problem waking. After two years my doctor did a second revision on my right knee become the implant was loose again and I had scar tissue. I am still experiencing the same problems. A few months ago my doctor told me the only thing that he knew to do was to operate again to remove the scar tissue. I decided to get a Second Opinion. I made an appointment with Dr.Gerscovich. He took the time to explain to me what my options were prior to doing any surgery. This has made me feel so much better because of all the pain I am having. He has ordered an ultrasound and a bone density scan. He will obtain information and look at other options before considering surgery. I really trust Dr. Gerscovich and I feel God placed him in my life for a reason since I have had so many problems with my knees.

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