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  • S L
    Dr Gerscovich is wonderful! He’s replaced 2 joints and another will be done in December. He’s kind, caring and thorough. I admire his skill and wouldnt consider any other Dr but him to do my replacements.
    UPDATE: Dr GERSCOVICH replaced my right hip in December and as usual no problems wha...
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  • M M
    I had to find a new orthopedic becausei mine left. I told my primary physician to find me a good one and he did research and suggested Dr. G. I had the initial visit and liked him instantly. Easy to talk to and listened when I talked. Explained what they would do during my knee replacement.
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  • J M
    I was in another doctors care and he had just got back and was on lite duty. I was so thankful to Dr. Gerscovich and his team for taking over and help me get on the right path to getting another chance to be able to walk and live a life without pain. Looking forward to my surgery 3/24/22 for a left ...
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  • B D
    I was very happy with my appointment. Everyone was very pleasant and easy to talk to. I would recommend Carolina Orthopedic. I didn't have to wait long to be seen. Dr. Gerscovich took time and made sure I understood options available. All in all, it was a good experience.
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  • T S
    I was given a anti inflammatory medication. It is making me sick. Ever since Friday when I started them I have had diarrhea. Everything that goes in comes out
    I am going to discontinue the meds and just take the Monica that my PCP prescribed for inflammation in my knee
    I hope this is o...
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  • R B
    Dr.G was informative on my options to alieve my problem with my knees. Options were explained so we could come up with a plan to get me back to a better lifestyle and mobility.
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  • W T
    I had bilateral knee replacement surgery in 2014. After completing my physical therapy with excellent range of motion I was unable to stand and was in tremendous pain. My doctor wasn't sure why I couldn't walk so he referred me to an orthopedic who specializes in revisions. This doctor determined...
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  • B P
    I had a left knee replacement in May I waited eight weeks had a right knee replacement in July I'm four weeks into recovery on the right knee out doing yard work getting around as I can doing the rehab and I could not be more pleased with the outcome so far just need to follow the orders in the reha...
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  • C P
    Dr Gerscovich, Dr G as me and my husband calls him , he did both my knee replacement surgeries. The right knee was troublesome but he never gave up. He recently did my left knee and it’s better , especially after I complete physical therapy. We trust him completely and he always tells you the trut...
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  • A A
    I had an accident at home while trying to move and I went to the ER to find out what i thought just needed stitches in my knee was actually goin to take surgery. Dr. G was the specialist on staff that afternoon and from the time i met him i felt relieved to know i was goin to be in good hands. He ...
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