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    I had bilateral knee replacement surgery in 2014. After completing my physical therapy with excellent range of motion I was unable to stand and was in tremendous pain. My doctor wasn't sure why I couldn't walk so he referred me to an orthopedic who specializes in revisions. This doctor determined...
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    I had a left knee replacement in May I waited eight weeks had a right knee replacement in July I'm four weeks into recovery on the right knee out doing yard work getting around as I can doing the rehab and I could not be more pleased with the outcome so far just need to follow the orders in the reha...
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    Dr Gerscovich, Dr G as me and my husband calls him , he did both my knee replacement surgeries. The right knee was troublesome but he never gave up. He recently did my left knee and it’s better , especially after I complete physical therapy. We trust him completely and he always tells you the trut...
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    I had an accident at home while trying to move and I went to the ER to find out what i thought just needed stitches in my knee was actually goin to take surgery. Dr. G was the specialist on staff that afternoon and from the time i met him i felt relieved to know i was goin to be in good hands. He ...
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  • Verified Patient
    Dr Gerscovich and his teammates at CONA are consummate professionals; the service delivery was exemplary from check in to check out. Expertise of staff was evident and equally important was the empathic, attentive and care provided. I left informed and confident that I had made the right choice.
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    I was in and out for my first appointment for my knee in 45 mins. I felt like Dr. Gersovich spent enough time gave me opportunity to ask questions at least 2 times during the visit. He had a good understanding of my needs.
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    Excellent surgeon and follow up care.
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    I saw Andrew , the PA. He was very thorough, listened to concerns and gave good suggestions. I was very pleased with him.
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    I recently had my right hip replaced ,,, was absolutely terrified prior to me locating Dr. Gerscovich ,, my pain level was 10+ prior to surgery ,,, no higher than 3 after --- this doctor really knows what he's talking about ,, haven't met any doctor like him - and I've had several doctor contacts in...
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    Had bilateral partial knee replacement, one in September and the other in October. Dr. G did a wonderful job, no more arthritis pain. Dr. G has answered all my questions before and after. He is very kind and a good listener. I recommend him to my family and friends.
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